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"Prancy Pants" by Madeline Garrett, Mixed Media on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $4,200.00

40" x 40"

Original Artwork

Mixed Media

Prancy Pants is playful with urban flare and movement in color. The layers are built up like a wall with graffiti that has been covered over, beyond recognition. Expressions of protest and messages of positivity can be found within these layers. This 40x40" acrylic mixed media painting on canvas is signed on the front and back. Mixed media includes acrylic, spray paint, texture medium, and graphite. The sides are painted by the artist and do not require framing. The artwork is wired and ready to hang. 



Garrett has traveled and studied art across the U.S. most notably at the Art Institute of Chicago, and most influenced by oil and cold wax techniques which she has adapted to acrylic mixed media. Best known as a "reductionist" she builds complicated layers and then "reduces" or refines the surface to create an elegant balance in each painting. As a professional artist of 25 years Garrett is represented by galleries in Santa Barbara, Vail and New York, and has prestigious collectors across the country.