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"The Rain" by Sofiya Akimova, Oil on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $5,000.00

36 x 32

Original Artwork

Oil on Canvas


Akimova Sofia, a young artist from Moscow, Moscow State Stroganov Academy graduate with a degree in Art History (art criticism, arts critic).

Sofia’s painting is unique in its diversity of themes, techniques and touches. 

Her specific artistic language was formed due to the synthesis of occupations and the ability to see creative process not only from the perspective of an artist, but also as an arts critic.

Sofia’s favourite topics, such as female body and urban landscapes, are united by a great sense of emotion and the ability to entrain the viewer to the depths of canvases, engagingto examine them for long.

At her solo exhibitions, Sofia accompanies the paintings with specially selected aromas, inviting the viewer to the silent dialogue with art and himself.

“While working on my new painting, I aim to impress myself. And to impress, I need to dazzle!” – Sofia Akimova. Perhaps this is the rule, which has driven Sofia’s art to success, as today her works are kept in private collections in Russia, Italy and Switzerland.