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"Grace" by Martin Zemp, Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $5,800.00

79 x 75

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



The Lucerne-based architect and artist Martin Zemp moves between two creative worlds. In architecture, everything revolves around meticulous calculations and clear lines – sweeping brushstrokes never really matter. Quite different in art, where Martin Zemp lives his creativity. Art is not only a way to express himself, but also a way to reflect and find peace.

Thanks to big brushes and clear colors, pictures become alive. He prefers to paint women whose sensuality, grace and strength fascinate him. His paintings are neither abstract, nor pictorial, they are neither loud, nor quiet – instead they speak their own language. Zemp paints dynamically and energetically. A dash here, a correction there. On good days he looks at his painting after he completed it. Exhausted, sweaty – and happy.

When you get to know Martin Zemp, it quickly becomes clear that he doesn't correspond to the cliché of a typical artist. He is not introverted or unapproachable, but rather a modest and eloquent conversation partner, whose horizon goes far beyond art and architecture.