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"Almost Freeze" by Peter Staricny, Mixed Media

Gallery 104

Regular price $2,000.00

17 x 6 x 2

Original Artwork

Baking Tray, Powdered Colors, Sealing Wax, Epoxy Resin, and Strips of Printed Canvas



I was born in 1984 in Czech Republic .My hometown is a small city on the borders with 2 other countries. Poland and Slovakia.

All my life I asked myself a question.

Who am I, Why am I here , Where I go and why is civilization here . Here, I mean World. The questions I put out of my head for a few times a life but they always come back.

From age 5 till 15  I was played on the piano and did developing myself. When I was 15 I watched differences in nature, people, civilization. I did not know how I could make an idea something tangible. A long time I looked for art discipline, where I could be satisfied with myself and satisfied with what I do. I did not find it because I had a lot of problems with myself.

When I was 19  I took my bag, some underwear, passport and flew to London to discover who I am. London was good destination for me but I still did not make a art. I had no any free time for my hobby because I spend all my time at work.

After a few month I have been changing my work and the town as well. I moved from London to Bristol and make big change. I had very small room. Maybe the smallest room I have never seen before. Size of the room was 2,30 m / 1,75 m but I bought a piano and slept under the piano. I started make art.

Started to make a paper collage and was visited a guy who change my life .

He changed my view of the world. England is very multicultural with a lot of different people with a different traditions, ambitions, targets and options. During the next years I spend a time with my art and myself. Unfortunately I had to walk at work almost everyday and had not free time for art. I had come back to my country after five years in UK and has started selfmade rise. I rented a small atelier and have tried a lot of techniques and art styles. Now I have a big atelier, customers,  do collaborations with another artists. Experimenting with medias is my passion and style do best from myself.