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Seek Your Summit by Valerie Zeman, Mixed Media Framed

Gallery 104

Regular price $4,000.00

29 x 26

Original Artwork

Artist Bio:


Fiber has been my passion for as long as I can remember but life happened and I put that on the back burner well into my thirties.  I eventually had the time to take a quilt making course which reignited my love for textiles and cloth.  Although I started out as a traditional quilt maker, when I saw my first art quilt I was hooked and shifted my direction and continue to find my own voice in this medium.

I began to experiment with surface design techniques including: printing, silk screening, shibori, paper lamination to name a few and also followed with my love of hand stitching which I find slow and meditative.

I am fascinated by texture and color, both neutral and bold, and am inspired by a myriad of images from the natural and constructed worlds.  I am particularly intrigued by the interplay of color and light.  In my dyed pieces, I love the unexpected results that emerge from the dye bath and demand to be incorporated into unique pieces that are unusual and interesting.

My work is intuitive rather than conceptual.  Most pieces are inspired by what I see around me rather than a sketch beforehand.  I often begin by arranging cloth that I have dyed and used various surface design techniques on…putting them on my design wall, then moving them around until they coalesce.  Or, a particular piece of cloth may spark the germ of an idea which I then have to figure out how to bring to life.