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"UrbanOM" by Jazmin Ruotolo, Digital Print on Canvas with Acrylic and Crystals

Gallery 104

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24 x 36

Original Artwork

Digital Print on Canvas Accented with Acrylic Paint and Crushed Crystals



This work came out of learning how to find peace and stillness in New York City. When we see images of people meditating, it's always very serene and quiet. Unless you're very rich, serene and quiet is a distant dream for most New Yorkers. We have to find calm within the noise and chaos. Finding light within the dark.
This piece was hand drawn, digitally painted, then printed on to canvas. I added thick acrylic and iridescent accents(that do not show up in a photo), very fine metallic dust, as well as crushed crystals; Selenite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Lapis Lazuli. This piece is stunning in person.


Jazmin’s career started on the forefront of Urban/Street fashion in the 90s. She is a part of the K.A.Kitties fashion consulting team (where she got the nickname ‘Jaz Kitty’) and has designed for nearly every American Hip-Hop Artist in existence, from The Notorious B.I.G to Nicki Minaj. Music has always inspired her work and gives her art and design style a street edge. Some of her biggest influences include Andy Warhol, Patrick Nagel, Manga artists such as Tite Kubo and Shirow Miwa as well as the many brilliant but unrecognized artists she has met along the way. She spent several years traveling the Anime/Comic Convention circuit selling Fan Inspired Art and Originals. She is currently still designing in New York City and illustrating the on-going graphic novel, ‘Model Life’, written by Isobella Jade. It can be found on the ComicsPlus app and Amazon.