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"Playa Desierta" by Vanessa Gilbert, Mixed Media and Acrylic on Wood Panel

Gallery 104

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30 x 30

Original Artwork

Mixed Media and Acrylic on Wood Panel

"Traveling makes people grow. It makes them change. It puts light in their eyes. For me, traveling is a way of exploring the world and opening my mind. I take the time to record all the landscapes breathtaking. Traveling allows me to create. ''

- Vanessa Gilbert


As an interior designer, Vanessa Gilbert is constantly surrounded by the arts. This artistic universe, which is full of creativity and freedom, has always fascinated her. It was while walking, a coffee in hand, in the inviting galleries of Baie-Saint-Paul, that she felt the need to paint. So she decided to teach herself the ways of abstract painting in her spare time. This passion quickly became a source of revenue and so began Vanessa Studio Art.

The artist's inspirations come mainly from her various travels around the globe, as well as by the nature that surrounds her. Among her latest adventures are Greece, Thailand and Mexico. Indeed, she feels particularly drawn to the destinations that are near the ocean. This vast expanse of water greatly inspires her with its flamboyant colors, fluid movements and undeniable tranquility.

The energy and audaciousness of this artist is transmitted to you through the vibrant pigmentation and intriguing forms of her paintings. This young entrepreneur strives to put on canvas the feeling of freedom that she has been lucky enough to experience during her travels, setting sail all who look at her creations.