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"Girls Listening To Music On The Roof" by Olga Feshina, Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery 104

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36 x 48

Original Artwork


Artworks by Olga Feshina was exposed in a solo exhibition New Tech Girls - VR Friends at Google New York in 2019. NYA gallery represents Olga Feshina at NYAFAIR, May, 2019.

Olga Feshina, is an artist originally from Kazakhstan, now living and working in Upper Manhattan, in New York since 2013.

She is primarily known as a fashion and costume designer* who created the first chess sport uniform in the World by order of the International Chess Federation FIDE, which was presented by woman chess champion at the World Championship in Cannes, France, in 2001. Olga's first American publication was in W magazine in 1997, where she appeared with her model girls' team. In 1999, her provocative cocktail dress was published on the cover of The Sunday Times' Style supplement UK. 

As for her first personal oil painting exhibition it was in Lermontov Theater when she was studying a design of contemporary costume at Kazakh National Academy of Arts and took part in the joint exhibitions of Young Artist of Kazakhstan and Perekrestok in Almaty. Later in Moscow Olga presented graphics and oil paintings at her solo exhibition at Moscow  Gallery Tvorchestvo.

Her education as an artist began when she studied at Karaganda art school for children in Kazakhstan. In her youth period she comprehended painting and photography. When Olga was 12 years and studying at the children's art school, her sculpture Chorus was presented at the international exhibition VDNKh in Moscow, Russia.  

She was always attracted by technical progress influence on the nature of modern woman. Consequently, her performance of collection THE INTERNET, where a girl came out with laptop Apple and other models had temporary vinyl tattoos with Internet addresses on their bodies caused the real furor at a show in Moscow Museum of Architecture named Tchusev in Russia, in 2000. Other appearances include: participation in Paris sur Mode exhibitions in 1997-1998 and at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russian in 2010, and in 2011 with her art objects and jewelry ICICLES, and meditative performance Yoga Fashion.

Despite her successful fashion designer past, today Olga often depicts the girls with swimsuits or simple underwear on in her paintings and graphics. As she claims that the best attire for a contemporary woman is a proper gadget. Olga Feshina creates a dialogue with the viewer deeping into vibrations of the accord of Nature itself with its feminine beginning of contemporary woman exploring why they are mesmerized with the perfection of the digital and virtual reality. Which is a key point of her art.

Artworks by Olga Feshina was exposed at solo exhibition New Tech Girls - VR Friends at Google New York in 2019. NYA gallery represents Olga Feshina at NYAFAIR, May, 2019.