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"Big Up" by Sergio Borrego, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $4,500.00

135 x 160

Original Artwork

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas



Tentacular spirit for whom creation goes through research. As for everything, the multiplicity of materials and genres does not frighten the one who absorbs all the currents of art in order to appropriate them and reinvent them. He settles and expresses his creativity through words, concepts that are found in watermark in all his works. And words sometimes give way to the matter that absorbs them and makes them useless, just as expressive and lively.
The torrent of raw human emotions, including anger, are engines of Sergio's artistic research. Rancor, anger, hatred: these devastating emotions, driven to their climax, are a prominent theme in the artist's mind. However, experimentation leaves room for the development of other thoughts, broadening in a global questioning: effervescence of a creative spirit in a permanent questioning about who we really are.