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"Bleeding Amethyst" by Umaima Hashim, Fluid Acrylics on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $1,000.00

12x 12 (each); Dipytch

Original artwork

Fluid Acrylics on Canvas


Umaima Hashim is a self taught abstract fluid artist who’s always been amused by colors and draws inspiration from the hues and tones present in nature; earth, sky, water, rocks, minerals and everything in between. The main concept of her art is to get rid of all discipline and control and just let the colors flow and mix together to unfold some unique shades and effects.

Her journey with abstract fluid art began early in 2018 when she started experimenting this style on mini canvases and collaborated with some really talented English and Arabic calligraphers to create beautiful customized pieces that were sold at the Radiant Arts Exhibition in Mumbai.

The appreciation she received at the exhibition triggered a desire to hone this skill and use it to express herself. Through a series of trial and error, Umaima continued to push her boundaries and kept trying different techniques and styles to create stunning fluid-art pieces that were unique to her personality.

“I didn’t really have any experience in the business world, so this is something I learned, and am still learning as I gradually grow.” She says. “I welcome and accept constructive criticism from my peers and customers and I think that is very important for a beginner entrepreneur. I have been told multiple times that what I do is a craft and anyone can simply pour paint on something and call it art. But I encourage those people to try it out. Art is free, there are no boundaries, there are no rules, only expression and everyone is free to express themselves.”