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"Closing Walls, Fading Lights, Ticking Clocks" by John McCarthy, Mixed Media on Wood Panel-Cradled

Gallery 104

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24" x 24"

Acrylic, mixed media.

Wood Panel-Cradled  

Original Art Work



John McCarthy Art

John McCarthy is an abstract artist who resides in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.  Using various mediums including oil, acrylic and collage, John draws his inspiration from the environs of the Hudson Valley and his travels throughout Japan and Asia, as well as from music and lyrics.  In particular, the color palettes of Japanese master Sanzo Wada inspire John and they find their way into his paintings in the Hudson Valley. His acrylic and collage works are energetic and dynamic and also incorporate Japanese influences including the use of rice paper and sumi-e ink to achieve movement and depth.

All of John’s works can be found online at the following links:


Instagram: @sparrow_suzume_art