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"EP 14" by Cecilia Avendaño, Giclee Print on Diasec

Gallery 104

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52 x 40

Original Artwork

Giclee Print on Diasec



Her last art works consist of digital post production based on photographs that she takes, through which she deconstructs them and articulates to compose new portraits, which mix elements coming from different models and objects, thus operating under the concept of identity construction, sculpting through digital post-production the possibility of an autonomous existence that, through aesthetic and technological resources, aims to capture our gaze to challenge our own beliefs about the possibility of looking ourselves and to heal ourselves
She lives and works in Santiago de Chile.
During the last 15 years her work has been exhibit in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in Chile and abroad since then participating regularly into international fairs of Contemporary Art such as; Art Central, Hong Kong, Contemporary Istanbul, Art Miami, Sydney Contemporary, Swab Barcelona, Lima Photo, ArteBa among many others. Also, her work can be found in prestigious art collections in 17 countries which her work is open to public such as: Cem Yilmar Collection, Turkey; DKV Collection, Spain; César Monzonís Collection; Sicart Gallery Collection, Spain; Korea Fundation - Trazos Gallery, Korea;  the Chilean Embassy, USA.

During 2019, she presented her Book "Precious Disease", a collector’s artwork of 500 copies, and also solo exhibition at the CCU Art Gallery in Santiago the Chile, where was compiled her artwork  "Precious Diseases". Lastly, she was chosen as one of the Digital Art Award Finalists of the 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize and awarded with a Honorable Mention in the 2019 International Photography Awards.