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"Flowing Mood" by Bastien Ducourtioux, Mixed Media on Canvas

Gallery 104

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35 x 29.5 

Original Artwork

Bastien DUCOURTIOUX, painter. Born October 6, 1987 in France.
I became very passionate for the visual arts with an attraction for street
art. I have prepared graphic design and decorations degree obtained in
2008 in Brittany.
This was the opportunity to acquire essential basics: knowledge of
products and components (strippers, pigments, hardeners ...), supports
and conditions of implementation (wood, plastics, metals ...), computer
graphics (computer software DAO).
I discovered artistic cultures (study of the styles, history of the
decoration), applied art (colours, materials, representation and plastic
expression ...). The option of decorating surfaces and volumes brings
me to the processes and techniques of decoration (fresco, tempera, oil,
watercolour ... especially on wall, canvas, panel).
I had my bachelor degree (graphic design) at the University Jean
Jaurès in Toulouse in 2012. I continued my university course in Master
Arts in Poland in 2013.
After having lived in Warsaw, Krakow, it is in Wroclaw that I settled for 3
In March 2017 I made a first exhibition in the gallery THEA Café. In
August 2017 I exposed to the hotel SOFITEL WROCLAW. In 2018 I
exposed at Alliance française of WROCLAW.
For two years I collaborate with several galleries: DNA gallery
(WARSAW), Gallery 104 (NEW YORK), Gallery Sonia Monti (PARIS).
My paintings are exhibited and auctioned.