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"Fusion" by Anne De Villemejane, Bronze POA

Gallery 104

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65 x 12 x 6

Origina Artwork

Limited Edition (8)

As a French artist born in Paris and living in New York, I have developed a body of work inspired by my personal history and cultural heritage.


My artwork revolves mainly around the themes of femininity and materiality.


I like the challenge of using raw construction materials, such as metal wires, screws or nails to create feminine and poetic sculptures.


The portrayed women are quiet and pensive. They seem fragile but actually exude a strong inner self.


Textures are a key element to my sculptural work. The original sculptures are initially made of cement

and construction materials, that are left exposed.

The more the viewer looks at the sculpture, the more he is drawn into its intricate details, leading to a unique textural journey.


I thrive to explore a vast array of media: metal and cement,

bronze, crystal, resin and most recently acrylic.


"Although in repose, De Villemejane's sculptures seem to pulsate with life"

 Jay Bordage-Art professor