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Gallery 104

Regular price $250.00

Congratulations! your work has been accepted by the director of Gallery104. We appreciate you taking the time to share your art with us.

The value of our site comes from the quality of our artist’s. A web developer fee of $250 is due before the artist is uploaded online to Once uploaded onto the shopping cart the artist is then contacted by our arts center organizer for the physical show exhibition with an artist reception on the 1st Thursday of Every Month.

The art center is an ARTFAIR. When collectors and interior designers walk through the center they can purchase the artworks directly from the website while viewing the works on the walls.

Additional fees may apply for the physical showings. You can choose not to show physically.


Gallery 104 
inside the NYA Art center | | | 
7 Franklin Place, New York, NY 10013, TriBeCa
ph. (917) 472-9015 OPEN daily (except Sundays) 12-5pm
and the 1st Thursday of Every Month (6-9pm)
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1A. Refunds
There are absolutely no refunds for fine art purchases for fees that are incorporated to shows for artist services or for art fair exhibitions. It is the responsibility of the artist to supply the website uploader with the proper high res images, bio and statement for the artists items for sale before they are uploaded to the website in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the artist to ship the works in the appropriate amount of time to account for shipping for the exhibitions. It is the artist responsibility to present all art works in the proper manner to be hung on the wall for presentation such as framed and ready to hang with wires etc... we do not display with clips, if art work requires clips it risks not being displayed and there are no refunds if the work does not meet the required framing and presentation needs of the gallery. If the artist pays for a space this space has been booked, marketed and promoted, if the art work is lost in transit NYA is not responsible for lost damaged or stolen works and is under no circumstances responsible for any refunds. If the artist is not happy with the timing of the show then the space and exhibitions will be pushed back to the following month or a month that works for the space and the artist. There are absolutely no refunds only credit given.