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Group Show - OB

Gallery 104

Regular price $259.65

• Exhibit one painting in the Exhibition
• Exhibition show for 30 days. 
• Consideration for our residency studio program, with $500 art supply grant.
• In person or phone meeting with the studio director.
• Opportunity to be featured in our art fairs such as Basel, New York Art Week, and   LA Art Week.
  • Art consultation and introduction to the top artist exhibiting in the gallery and studio spaces. 
  • ARTIST AGREES THAT THE GALLERY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGED OR LOST WORK. Additional insurance must be the responsibility of the artist.
  • Artist agrees to a 50/50 commission when the painting sells during the reception or gallery exhibition.

Please contact the gallery for questions or concerns about shipping, drop off dates, insurance, pick up, drop off, shipping.

917. 472.9015 |

Deadline: 7 days before the show

Ship to 7 Franklin Place, New York, NY

No late than: 7 days before the show

917.472.9015 |

Deadline: 7 days before the show 

Gallery 104 
NYA Art center | |
7 Franklin Place
New York, NY 10013