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“Majestic Robes” by Evadney, Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery 104

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24 x 36

Original Artwork


Deborah Evadney Myrie is a self-taught artist who was born in London, but has spent all of her adult life in New York.


Deborah paints to excite, to calm and to stir emotion with a sensitivity to color and form.  She is constantly striving to create new ways of expressing her artistic genius.  Deborah believes that critical study of color and form for each individual work are essential, and consequently her works always undergoes several transformations before reaching the point where she feels that it is ready for presentation.  


She studied textile design at Parsons School of Design and went on to create her own line of hand-painted silk scarves before making the transition to fine art.


She experimented with introducing dye to paper to re-create the color and movement she had achieved with silks.  This gave rise to the incredible abstract images and silhouettes she produced.


Deborah went on to explore new ways of transforming her unique imagery.  She began to scan her watercolor pieces and then manipulate them digitally.  Using these expanded images as inspiration for her original abstracted figurative oil and acrylic paintings.


Deborah sees herself as a composer of sorts, bringing together different mediums, ideas, and emotions to create harmony and bring “life” to her paintings.  According to Deborah “A life without art would be a mournful one.”


Using a variety of mediums, each piece she creates has its own characteristic and style.  No two pieces are the same.