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Hold The Line 2 by Frank Oude Weernink, Oil on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $4,100.00

60 x 55"

Original Artwork

Artist Bio:

In my compositions, which are basically non-configurative, there is often a duality of deliberate order and the free gesture. They are qualities that I have both in me. They do not compete for priority, but they interact with each other until a balance is created that is compositionally correct and at the same time open to different interpretations. Material, color, format, paint gesture, everything cooperates. I try to create space, a painterly, atmospheric space that is at the same time room for the imagination.

I have always seen my work in the tradition of abstract expressionism. I did not start from the visible reality, or I was not aware of it. Only a short time ago I started to recognize my way of working in the world around me. I increasingly see random compositions in buildings and nature that stimulate my imagination. A photo can be the reason for a composition, my hand takes over and goes his own way. Painting plays a game with perception.