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"Jawbones" by Wax, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $800.00

48 x 36

Original Artwork

Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas


Wax is a young woman with a passion for the arts and socio-environmental efficiency. Her eclectic, abstract style ranges from surreal and abstract portraits of ‘those who struggle’ to brightly colored figures and expressionistic, flattened scenes reminiscent of Matisse’s work in the early 1900’s. Her interest in science, quantum physics, culture, and energy is especially influential on her eccentric personality and style. As an empath and a student of philosophy, the young artist utilizes her experiential knowledge of anthropology - as well as psychology and mental illness - to create abstract shapes in different versions of the three primary colors; these hues, she says, represent the primary energies that illuminate human consciousness and it’s evolving environment. Every color is a metaphor, and is used to fill in the space between the lines (or in this case, before the lines), which to Wax, means that she is painting not only what is and what could be, but also what is not. Each creation is a method by which she can dive into the deeper questions she has towards existence and translate her inner thoughts into visual representations of her perspective towards the world. Her current MUTHOS series (inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave) studies many of these questions relating to ancient cave art and theories about humanity and human archetypes - including where they came from, and how they can adapt in a dying, technologically evolving environment. Charcoal, plastics, and acrylic paints are the artist’s most commonly used mediums, and she is currently in the process of creating her first large scale and interactive installation from recycled straws, bottle caps, and grocery bags in order to advertise the harm of single use plastics.