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"Let There Be Light" by Jolanta Soares, Oil and Cold Wax on Wood Panel

Gallery 104

Regular price $1,200.00

36 x 36

Original Artwork

Oil and Cold Wax on Wood Panel



I believe that art is a very powerful therapy and has the gift of healing.  I’m an intuitive painter, inspired by self-discovery, relationship with others, life stories, human emotions, and experiences. I’m interested in capturing meaningful moments in time and representing them in abstract expressions, mark makings and color on canvas. I put down several layers of paint while experimenting with colors, textures, and markings while using different tools such as brooms, whisks, skewers, pencils, etc. The process of adding and subtracting paint is an essential part of the process. By revealing older layers and building up new ones, different feelings and memories are awakened and they eventually lead to finished pieces that speak to me

I work in multiple mediums including oil & cold wax, encaustic, printmaking, photography and ceramics.