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"Living Out- Loud With A Giraffe In Tow" by Jennifer L Gray & Phillip Johnson, Digital Mixed Media on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $6,500.00

40 x 30

Original Artwork

Digital Mixed Media with Hand Painted Embellishments on 2" Wrapped Canvas



Gray and Johnson Art is comprised of two artists, Jennifer L Gray and Phillip Johnson, based out of Chicago. 

What differentiates them from other artists is their Urban, Pop-Art, Mixed Media Style and ability to work collaboratively in a raw and organic format. 

The artists allow the viewer the vision to explore the depth and vastness of each piece due to the layering and placement of images.

Gray and Johnson Art has the creative edge to tell many stories in one piece. 

Launching their business in 2019, Gray and Johnson Art, a luxury brand, catapulted them from canvas prints to using other materials like plexi-glass, linen, wood, metal and fabrics. 

The essence of Gray and Johnson Art comes from the ability to proactively listen to the other while still maintaining individuality in their collaborative works.