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"Marlon Brando" by Matthew Fellows, Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery 104

Regular price $6,950.00

36 x 48

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



A natural born artist, FAT (Matthew Fellows) has been producing original artwork for over 20 years.  
While he currently resides in Beverly Hills, Matthew has been fortunate to meet many different artistic personalities during his travels over the years, further bolstering his unique creative style.  
Through the use of vibrant colors, his large and modern paintings just come to life, literally changing the way you feel as you look at his works.  Many of his most admired pieces are portraits of both unique individuals and historic faces, often capturing critical moments in history. 
A number of FAT’s paintings can now be viewed at one of NYC’s most prestigious art galleries.  Also, details coming soon regarding his fall 2019 tour in Vancouver, Canada.