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"Meeting" by Andrea Polenta, Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery 104

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24 x 32

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



Andrea Polenta was born in Carrara in 1996, where he still lives and works.
He graduated from the scientific high school "Guglielmo Marconi" in Carrara and is currently attending the fifth year of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence.


Initially my artistic work went hand in hand with spontaneity: I created shapes and sketches without thinking, using the colors that I think most impressed the observer only from the aesthetic point of view.
Over the years I have developed a different thought, combining spontaneity with reasoning, but above all combining the improvisation of a gesture with the achievement of a very specific theme.

Starting from brushstrokes of background to get to dripping and color spread with spatulas, a subject, though abstract, comes out connected to the title of the work.
I usually accompany my canvases with small poems that tell a story, reaching the chosen topic.
The subjects I treat are multiple.

With the exception of human portraits with abstract background always in my style, the protagonists are mostly incorporeal, to leave that minimum of "final open" to the viewer.
I also wanted to exploit one of my works as a weapon against marine pollution, inserting some plastic above the color, putting it in view as much as possible, like a disturbing agent between the observer and the picture.
One of the themes that I otherwise face is passion, declaring our love to someone and, so, exposing ourselves because, in my opinion, we must always jump and believe in our own abilities, avoiding to keep everything inside for the fear of not making it.