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"New Woman" by Ekhi Huarte, Mixed Media on Canvas

Gallery 104

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36 x 28

Original Artwork

Mixed Media on Canvas



My name's Ekhi Huarte. I'm from Pamplona, a small city in the Basque Country (a region located in the north of Spain).

I started drawing when I was a kid and I've always drawn ever since.

The first illustrations I had an abstract character, made with ink on paper. I developed this technique shaping it with figures and symbolic compositions.

Later I went back to abstraction, again, with many series of illustrations that were based on linear abstractions, that is, I began to draw the line randomly and read the drawing by creating an unexpected line that would give to it a sudden line, shaping the final product.

After that, and leaving behind abstraction, I moved on to a different style, creating more figurative forms in my work.

Then I started painting with oil. I felt very inspired and started to paint in a very explosive manner. Whenever I put out myself in front of a canvas I would start painting without having a predetermined idea being carried along by my sensations and painting till my work was finished.

I think mine is a very direct painting that comes out from a connection between the canvas and what I have and feel very deep inside.  I believe my work is pure character and nature.