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"Officer of the Snails" by Stefanie Schairer, Acrylic, Oil Stick, and Pencil on Canvas

Gallery 104

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20 x 24

Original Artwork

 Acrylic, Oil Stick, and Pencil on Canvas



In my art work I am exploring shapes, forms, manner, effects and design of relationships. Thereby I am interested in interpersonal relationships as well as relationships between objects and materials.
Art is a catalyst for unspoken things. It is helpful to create things new or different when they start making me speechless.“

In my paintings I am working free and without concept. The initial point I get from colors. There is my starting point. I am putting layers on layers. So at the end the painting includes a lot of different paintings and drawings. But some of them are covered or hidden. There is one moment during the process where I find the forms. From there I am working on the croncrete forms and objects.

At the end I make the desicion for my titles or I ask some friends what title would work for them. My work is abstract and I don`t want to get too clear. Also with my titles.
There are hidden things and I like when people discover my work by themselves.