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"Picture Me Upon Your Knees" by Barbara Hangan, Mixed Media on Panel, Vintage Frame

Gallery 104

Regular price $16,000.00

24 x 34

Original Artwork

Mixed Media on Panel, Vintage Frame Neo Baroque (19th century) Restored 




I was born and educated in Cluj, in a family of artists. Painting has been my calling from as early as I can remember.
I went to the local Art School Romul Ladea in Cluj as a high school student and later on I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts.
I painted at school and outside of classes.

I find inspiration in all the things of beauty around me, from music and characters to perfume and delicate fruits. Of course, I tend to
look back at the old masters as well, and learned a lot from the Flemish painters, from the Austrian Secession or from Michelangelo
Caravaggio. I always try to distill whatever I see and remember into my paintings - from the shades I use to the textures and the attitude
of my portraits.

I tried a variety of techniques, as I am constantly experimenting. Currently, I use oil paints and an old Flemish painting technique.
I prefer them for their richness and texture. In a work of art, I sometimes take ownership not only of the canvas, wood or board,
but also of the frames. I like bringing old frames back to life and I like matching them with my paintings.
Because beauty matters to me, I just love to bring classical beauty into contemporary art.
My work is collected internationally.