"Saturated in Sunshine" by Julie Nachamkin, Acrylic and Resin on Board in Pine Cradle

Gallery 104

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18 x 24

Original Artwork

Acrylic and Resin on Board in Pine Cradle



I began to work with paint, color and texture while pursuing a corporate career and raising my family with my husband Michael. 

After years of painting and working with specialty finishes, I decided to started a decorative painting business specializing in unique paint designs and textures on walls, furniture and home decor. The collection of colorful textures I prepared on sample boards for clients have ultimately become the techniques used in the background of my abstract paintings and florals.

Today my work is focused on abstract paintings on canvas and archive quality boards using acrylic paints and mediums. I apply color and texture in layers to build abstract images that express the complexity of my emotions and experiences. I continue to explore new paints, mediums, colors and textures that I can bring together to create a world of beauty.