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"Shenpa" by Mark Phelan, Acrylic and Collage on Paper

Gallery 104

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12 x 14

Original Artwork

Acrylic and Collage on Quality Drawing Paper, Framed



Originally from Dublin, Ireland Mark has been living on the Lower East Side of NYC since the early 80’s though now spends his time traveling between Mexico and NYC. his paintings are all Acrylic though he uses some collage. Often Caution tape taken from actual disaster or accident scenes that work with the core themes of anxiety, drug addiction, mental illness, loneliness, death and most fear based fantasies.The work is not slick. It is not smooth. The materials used are rough. The paintings are heuristic. They are meant to challenge. They are meant to grab your attention and hold it. In some ways they are a visual type of journaling. They deal with the concept of the shadow self. Part Folk Art. Tibetan Mystissm. Hinduism and Santeria. They are infused with a chaotic urgency and take from anything that help make sense of this world and the need for creativity to help make sense of the artists place in it. These paintings are a search for a higher self, though always present, can be muddled and evasive. Delusion hinders this process though this work, the search for answers, continues.