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"Shy Nebula" by Maria Bacha, Canvas

Gallery 104

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15.7 x 11.8 x 0.5

Original Artwork


"I am abstract artist, based in Athens, Greece. Influenced by my background in child psychology and psychotherapy, I have focused on art exploration professionally, for almost two decades. My career expands into teaching art classes, creating set designs, storyboards, illustrations for public school books and solo exhibitions. My artworks are also in private collections worldwide. 

Using acrylic paint combined with pigments and art resin, my artistic process is free and intuitive. I work layer after layer, creating transparencies and revealing the best textures and design elements. Every artwork is totally unique and may take days, weeks or months to finish. 



My collections “Hydroexperiences” and “Skyexperiences” are influenced by sea and sky. I feel as a medium, interpreting my experiences, through my mind, body, and spirit into a visual language in my art. When I paint, I feel deeply connected with nature, the nature inside me and outside, and then time stops. It’s a bliss experience! 

For the last two years, I also use art resin, especially in the Lagoon Nebula collection. I love art resin because you have to work fast, in full awareness, and you are not allowed for "do overs". Just like in life...

I am always delighted to know that my art has the power to bring positivity to my collectors everyday lives!

Currently, I find simplicity, clarity and peace, in liquid pigments of turquoise, blue and pink."