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"Sign of the Times" by Rachel Camilleri, Acrylic, Gesso, and Spray Paint

Gallery 104

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23 x 31

Original Artwork

Acrylic, Gesso, and Spray Paint


Rachel Camilleri is best known for her bright abstract artworks, characterised by bold layering of vibrant colours and textures.  Working mostly in acrylics and spray paint and using mainly a squeegee when painting, her work is intuitive and expressive as she draws inspiration from the world around her. Her home town of Manchester, commercial and home decor, architecture and nature are a few of her influences. Colour and shape in particular sparks her creativity.

She was born in 1979 and raised in Salford, Manchester and continues to live there with her husband and three young children.  Rachel studied Art at College and then went onto study Media and Business Management at University.  For the last 9 years Rachel has been a full time mum, but has recently started painting again as she feels the time is right to embrace her creative path. Art is her passion, it fuels her imagination and makes her happy.

Rachel loves the emotional quality of colour and how it can uplift and make somebody feel good.  Rachel hopes that her artwork connects with people, creates emotion and impacts lives.