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"Somewhere in Her Dreams" by Elaheh Mohamed, Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery 104

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14 x 14

Original Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas



Elaheh is a multi-disciplinary artist. Coming from an architectural background, spatial concepts are of particular importance to her, whether this is the interpretation of form and space or its total destruction. Painting allows her to dissolve form and concentrate purely on the imagination and the manipulation of the picture plane. Inspiration comes from architectural form, film, music, and nature.

The ‘Tile Series’ is based on the film ‘The Weeping Meadow’ by ‘Theo Angelopoulos’. The movement on the screen is depicted through the motion of brushstrokes on the board. The contrasting monochromatic tones depict the film’s mood. The lingering imagery of the sea in the background, and the people in the foreground are translated in the static language of the painting.

In her other paintings, Elaheh focuses on imaginary landscapes. The picture plane is dissolved through the abstraction of form. There is a contrast in textural qualities and colors. Elaheh experiments with a variety of tools to help create different textures, from a simple brushstroke to the dragging of a thread across the canvas, etc. to achieve her desired outcome.