"Sylwerius" by Christopher Jokiel, Digital Art on Canvas

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50 x 70

Original Artwork

Digital Art on Canvas



Sylwerius jest artystą intermedialistą z nurtu insta-artu. Tworzy surreal-expressionistyczne obrazy malarskie i surrealistyczne foto-manipulacje. Jego prace inspirowane są twórczością takich artystów jak Salwador Dali, Hieronimus Bosh, Marc Chagall. Sławę przyniosła mu międzynarodowa wystawa na 3F Art. Festival di Arte Contemporena w Cannes. Eksperymentuje trochę z grafiką 3D. Tworzy międzynarodowe grono artystów przez swoje kanały social-media i szybki wzrost popularności jako, jak on sam siebie nazywa, „le artiste surrealisme”.

Sylwerius paint surreal-impressionism and make photo-manipulation. His artwork is inspired by Salwador Dali, Hieronimus Bosh, Marc Chagall... Born and Raised in Europe, Warsaw, he became internationally know for his expressional and colorful paintings and beauty of surreal photo-manipulations. He also experiment with 3d graphic designs. He set up his communication with international community of artist and galleries through social media, and quickly grow his artistic career as he call “instaartist”.

He describes his art creating process as expressing his strong emotions connecting with his memories. He also use his imagination to create a universal surreal world where people could discover hidden secrets in their minds. Meanings of words which is really important to find is openness, tolerance and creativity.