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The Great Silk Road by Abdul Razzak Zaarur, Oil on Canvas

Gallery 104

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23.62 x 55.11

Original Artwork

Abdul Razzak Zaarur was born March 14, 1954 born in Aleppo, Syria. Aleppo is one of the most ancient permanently populated cities of the world. There Abdul studied english literature in the university of Aleppo, and began drawing since childhood. Zaarur's talent began to grow under the supervision of his teacher in drawing.  His teacher invited him to the theater for the purpose of drawing theatrical décor and Zaarur worked as a theater painter and his school studies involved drawing. 

He was admitted in 1975 To Sankt-P-Burg V .I. Mukhina Academy Of Art And Design, in 1980. On June, 23 1980, Zaarur was given qualification to be a designer of industrial graphics, earned the degree of Arts and Graphic Design. His drawing is the foundational skill of all his time, having spent nine years of experience working as a master teacher at Pedagogical Institute. Zaarur spent his entire life in Aleppo, Syria. He started his family with Russian wife Svetlana. Together they have two sons and one daughter.
In 1987 till 1989 he worked as a painter and art designer in schools and factories. In this period he had exhibited his paintings at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Moscow. Aleppo worked as a painter in the halls of selling furniture. His work consisted of drawing ornaments and roses on furniture, but his love for painting of portraiture, as always been in his blood. 
His work has been shows in The Annual Autumn and Cotton exhibitions in the city of Aleppo and at the Consulate General of Russian Federation. The exhibition was a major success and he had the honor of acquiring the nationality of Russian Federation.  Organized personal exhibition are as follows: 2012:Kazakhstan – Atyrau Institute Academy of Arts /2002: Germany – Belfield – Shteinhagen / 1994:1987:Russia – Moscow exhibited his paintings at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Moscow. Zaarur’s work take him on a journey as he wrestles with his emotions and the stories of the past. Growing up in war-torn Syria, Zaarur was no stranger to pain and suffering as a child. But as an artist, he tries to look on the bright side of life. His paintings honor the vitality of life signaling a desire for a brighter tomorrow/ personal web site: ( ).