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"The Ice Storm" by Valerie Milburn, Mixed Media

Gallery 104

Regular price $1,300.00

9 x 6

Original Artwork

Amethyst, Sterling Silver, Swarovski crystals


Valerie Ann Milburn is a self-taught Canadian contemporary artist. Her inspiration is derived from the elements in nature. Having lived in some of the most naturally beautiful locations in Canada - from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, in the Rocky Mountains and on the Prairies - it is easy to see how the energy that comes from her surroundings inspires her art. The principal theme in all of Valerie's work is her deep connection to the movement in nature - the wind in the trees, the waves on the ocean, the force of a thunder and lightning storm and the stillness and calm of a frozen forest or snow-covered mountain.

Valerie began her career with painting and oil pastel, then moved into contemporary sculpture after being inspired by the cherry blossom trees on Vancouver Island. Having had no professional training, her sculptures are a pure form of her creativity, innovation and passion.

Valerie’s trees have been on exhibit in galleries and sold to private collections internationally.