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"The Xtra" by Sef Berkers, Oil on Canvas

Gallery 104

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51 x 42

Original Artwork

Oil on Canvas


Sef was born in Venlo, the Netherlands in 1964 and studied at the Royal Academy for Art in Den Bosch. He finished his education as a painter in 1992 at the Post Academy for Art in Arnhem.

From 1993 to 1997, he painted passengers at ten different train stations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. This project entitled “Je suis à la gare” resulted in several exhibitions, at home and abroad.

From 1997 to 2000, Sef was painting portraits, street scenes and landscapes during various trips to Egypt, Greece and India, which led to new figurations and abstract works. Two of these works have been awarded with the Euregio Art Prize – Rhine Maas North (2001) in the Netherlands and Germany. His work was regarded as being original, innovative and authentic.

From 2010 to 2016, he painted abstract portraits on music. He put the power of various singers on canvas, using the movement of his body with oil paint in black and white or bright colors.

Recent Works:

In recent works, are painted with a special oil paint recipe which combines different resins and provides enormous color strength. This technique ensures brighter colors, enhanced durability, as well as greater clarity and transparency.

STARRING - a series of sketches and paintings inspired by movies:

Obsessed with film images Sef made hundreds of photos. He finds that actors have an extraordinairy physical expression. Sef doesn’t copy these photos while painting but translates them into a new language. These works show man in different situations of existance.

His archive, in which each piece of artwork is related to each other, is an autobiography which shows his life as a total work of art.