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"Thinking or Not Thinking" by Nipat Jenjirawat, Oil on Linen

Gallery 104

Regular price $9,000.00

48 x 56

Original Artwork

Oil on Linen



Nipat’s work initially influenced by Thai and South East Asian traditional art and culture that basically using symbolics and characters to narrate the way of Buddhist’s life and the tale of Buddha. The artist’s work also been inspired by Chinese’s Art and Culture that derived from his Thai-Chinese family as well as existing of Thai-Chinese community in Thailand. Furthermore, he absorbed some technique and sensation of Impressionism and Expressionism while he had been learning art in New York into his work which the main character were created by using idealistic the face of Buddha’s figure to represent the impression of people’s life in the form of human.

Nipat Jenjirawat was born in May 10, 1983, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Then moved to Bangkok to study in hi-school until graduated B.A., Journalism and Mass communication, Thammasat University in 2006.He lived and worked in Bangkok for few years and soon after moved to New york in 2010.

Nipat is self-taught artist currently working and living in Queens, New York.