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"Underwater Bloom 1" by Alice Cescatti, Water Gilded Painting in Silver Leaf on Wood Panel

Gallery 104

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12 x 12

Original Artwork

Water Gilded Painting in Silver Leaf on Wood Panel, (Framed)



Alice Cescatti grew up in New Zealand.From an early age Alice became fascinated by the interaction between the dramatic landscapes and the intense light of the South Pacific appreciating the remoteness of the land she was born in and its quality of uninterrupted and uninhabited space.

Cescatti studied in New Zealand under the tutorship of renowned artists such as Doris Lusk, Glenn Bush and Quentin McFarlane and subsequently settled in London where she studied Interior Design and completed a four year Apprenticeship with Rupert Bevan in Restoration of Gilded & Painted Furniture. Alice then devoted several years to teaching painting and gilding techniques in Vietnam for a prestigious international furniture company and working as a freelance gilder in Europe.

Eventually  Cescatti was able to devote all her time to painting using as a base silver leaf wood panels. The water-gilding process involved  building up many layers of finely sanded gesso and clay. This is followed by floating individual silver or gold leaves onto the clay surface. The gold or silver leaf surface is then hand burnished with an agate stone to enhance the quality of the metal as a light source. This is a specialist method dating back to Egyptian tomb paintings and reliefs from the 23rd century BC,  a time revealing some of the earliest evidence of gold being beaten into leaf. Alice has mastered this technique as a medium for her to especially describe light and water.

Although living in a very urban environment Cescatti has  instinctively gravitated towards locations for painting which combine a sense of wilderness with intense light and colour for example the coastal areas around Southern England and Norfolk. She has also found inspiration in the landscapes of Flanders and the South of France. It is clearly reflected in Cescatti’s work that she has a strong connection to the nobility of the Ocean which had a strong presence in her formative years and subsequently holds a strong presence in her painting. She reveals her awareness of it’s increasing fragility in her works such as Ocean Wound, Underwater Bloom and Ocean Mourning Flower. She also touches on the themes of Migration, using the symbolism of sinking boats adrift in the Ocean, and deserted landscapes under huge imposing skies.

Cescatti had her first solo exhibition of gilded paintings in 2004 at the Galerie Christian Siret, Palais Royal, Paris .

Her work is shown in London Galleries, across Europe and in America.