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"Wall Piece No.27" by Charles Birnbaum, Porcelain Wall Sculpture

Gallery 104

Regular price $15,000.00

29 H x 24 W x 9 D

Original Artwork

Porcelain Wall Sculpture, Mounted Using "Z" Clip



My work examines the archetypal myths and images of earlier cultures in order to create communitas—self within a community. In ancient societies, art was a collective, interactive experience; viewers were participants not observers. My work challenges people’s predicable classifications, making them “work” to question and expand their unconscious responses and have richer aesthetic experiences. I am delving into a deeper understanding of Carl Jung’s theories of archetypes and my personal character trait of “anima” an expression of my inner feminine personality. My work has a distinctly primordial origin and every man carries with him an unconscious contrasexual nature. I push and pull at boundaries, exploring places where intimate connections become viscous mergings and joined areas separate into distinct autonomous forms that beckon to beholders to inhabit the spaces, animate the work, and explore the gaps between object and subject. The dead bone-white surfaces contradict the sensuousness and accentuate the tension between the convexities and concavities. The densely layered patterns and textures undulate across the forms creating visual and tactile dissonances.


Experienced visually, my works are obviously abstract yet evocative of body parts or otherworldly creatures. Experienced physically, they are architectural shapers of space. Their openings invite viewers in to explore their enigmatic spaces.